MaerTek has experience on executing several BIM & Construction related projects for all levels of projects from Small Villas to Large Multi-storied buildings, Commercial Complexes, Bridge structural designs, steel platforms and Offshore Rigs.

Our Expertise include:

  • Business Complexes – Multi-storied & Multi-Building Business Complex with large common basements to accommodate BMS Facilities as well as huge spacious parking facility optimize the space utilization.
  • Mixed Use Commercial Towers – Modern towers usually houses retail outlets at lower levels while keeping the office spaces at the highest levels. Keeping the market trend as design basis, MaerTek Team understands and design the Iconic Business Towers & Buildings.
  • Hospitals, Medical & Health Science facilities, Out-patient housing etc.
  • Universities, College campus, Educational & training Institutes.
  • Shopping Malls – Maintaining BMS Comfort levelsis critical where large number of people are continuously moving in and out of the facility. MaerTek IoT Enabled Ventilation & Cooling system design (HVAC) for optimum performance while maximize savings on Energy Costs.
  • Residential buildings – Large residential complexes with multi-storied residential buildings are getting more & more popular due to shared facilities, low maintenance costs, availability of groceries at ease, & 24-hour security guards. MaerTek Engineering provide very low cost solutions for residential buildings & complexes.
  • Luxury Villas – Interiors and exteriors design & space utilization are critical where personal touch is required to understand the feelings of the owners.
  • Process Plants & Equipment –Refineries, Chemical plants, food processing plants, layouts and 3D drawings that can we viewed anybody within the company to discuss, diagnose and analyze the issues, O&M protocols, modifications and process improvements, enhancing the plant capacity etc. Know more in our Plant 3D section.

BIM – Building Integration Management

  • Concept to Full Architectural Design
  • FEA Based Composite structural design
  • HVAC system design calculations & 3-D modeling
  • Plumbing and fire-fighting systems
  • Electrical wiring system layout
  • Interior design

Our high quality 3D models on REVIT provide detailed layouts and drawings for building structural design, HVAC services, plumbing and fire-fighting services, electrical wiring system, and drainage system.

We provide high quality professional interior designs of your choice, suited to your business needs, reflecting your statement.